Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Let me bring you up to speed. On Valentine's Day, my dad was having awful pains in his stomach (he's been having lots of issues since October) and finally went to the ER that night. After a CT scan, they decided to do exploratory surgery to find out what this mass was on the screen. Turns out, it was cancer. Diffused B Cell Lymphoma. It is on the webbing that keeps the small intestine from sticking together, so it's behind a lot of organs and that's the only reason they found it. He gets his staples out today and hopefully can start chemo on Thursday.

That is a very brief summary, but the basics. When I found out, I was so angry. I went through all the stages of grief in 24 hours. I know that it is because of everyone's prayers that our family feels comforted. He was given a blessing before his surgery and it was said that everything would be okay and he would be fine. And I know he will be. The power of the priesthood is amazing and without it, we wouldn't have this comfort or knowledge.

This trial is not just meant for him but for everyone around him. For me, I need to gain a stronger testimony. I've been asking myself, "How do I gain a stronger testimony?" Well this is it. Sucks that the strong ones have to be examples to everyone else in this way. My dad has so much faith and I have not seen him waiver once. He's not scared, so why should I be?

We have decided to do a 10K in September called Dash for Dad. It's also a Colon Cancer race here in Kansas City. My parents are going to walk it, I want to run it. ME? RUN? I know, you're cracking up by now. But seriously, I'm going to do it! Training starts ASAP. Because let's face it-I can't run a mile without having an asthma attack.

Thank you for all your love and support these past few weeks. We are so blessed.