Saturday, August 14, 2010

So Many Friends

Well I haven't updated in a month or so. It just takes so much time if you want to include pictures. Emmett and I drove to Texas with my parents and Graham to go to the lake. My mom's cousin has a place in the middle of nowhere, it's really fun. Emmett slept the whole way there and back, only waking up to eat really. He is SUCH a good baby, we are really lucky. I have a feeling the next one may be a little crazy...

Blaine and I have decided to take on a few projects...things we've never done before. When we got married, my decor style was totally different than it is now. So I want to change EVERYTHING! Well I've seen a few friends transfor

m their own things so why not me? It's time to learn! We are going to make throw pillows (hello, the ones I want are $20-25 a piece.) There's a new one in store, it's orange with white polka dots on one side, brown with white on the other. It's the perfect fall pillow. I'm obsessed with pillows, I would have 100 if I could.

Anyways, we're going to try painting some frames that are black to a different color, glaze a bookshelf, reupholster a pillow on our couch and glaze an end table we have to buy first. It's very exciting but overwhelming when I look at all the things I want to do! We're slowly decorating, it's expensive!

Also my good friend Lauren came to visit for a few days, it was fun to have her here and meet Emmett.

Our friends the Robbins came to visit, they are doing APX right now in Springfield (what Blaine was doing). We got to go to some church sites with them, including Liberty Jail!

He got to meet two new lady friends, Avery Quinn and Camryn Earley! Avery is a month younger than him and weighs a pound more. She is quite the chunker! So cute. Camryn is not even a week old in that picture, she is sooo tiny.

We also went to cousin Charlie's 1st birthday party where he swam for the first time. Didn't do much but he splashes in his tub now.