Saturday, April 3, 2010

Busy busy..

Ahh...I am on my last week of work, which is FANTASTIC. I cannot wait to be done there, you have no idea. Blaine goes to Utah next weekend for some APX training and selling for a week, then when he gets back we have a day to pack all our stuff for the summer and drive to Springfield the next day. Then a few days later, we will drive to St. Louis for Dallin's endowments, drive back to Lee's Summit, then Blaine will go back to Springfield to start selling for the summer on the 26th! I will join him of course after Emmett comes. We're very excited but MAN I have a lot to do!

We had our first shower, just a few friends over. It was really fun! Although, it's the next morning and I cannot walk. I am sore all over, way too much standing and running around for this tubby.

Blaine surprised me with an early Mother's Day present! Which I told him to do something thoughtful...this was his idea of thoughtful.

I mean, he's sweet and all but come on! I like this holiday already. He said it symbolizes our new journey together...aww. I'll keep him.

We had a lot of fun!

Took a trip to Oklahoma a couple weeks ago, this amigo leaves in just 4 weeks!

Hung out with some old friends...

Went to family birthday dinners...

And friends' showers! Emily and Emmett are going to be lovers.