Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Baby!

We have been so busy lately! It helps the time go by a little faster, thank goodness! We have a homemade baseball diamond in the backyard. On Sunday Graham said "I don't think you can even run the bases in 20 seconds or less." Uhhh was this a bet? I think so. So I took on the challenge of course. As I'm running to first base, my dog Jasmine chases me and bites my back end as I run! So I laugh and almost start to pee myself. So instead of rounding first, I head straight to the restroom. I come back for round 2 after a short break and try again. I got around the whole dang thing in 17 seconds! TAKE THAT! As a result, I felt like I had broken my hip the next day so I had a little visit to the chiropractor before work.

Monday was my mom's birthday, yay! Jenny Kusgen made this amazing cake, I don't have the picture on here sorry, but it was a 3 tier chocolate round cake with fancy fruit on top. I cut a piece in half because of it's size and I thought to myself, Emmett is going to be up for awhile after this but the thought came and went and I had cake. Well he was literally bouncing off the walls until 4:30 AM Tuesday. Awesome right? Well we had our 4D ultrasound scheduled for 2:30 PM that day and we had been soooo excited about seeing him! Lunch time came around and I had some caffeine as instructed. Well I think I put him into a sugar coma because he didn't move AT ALL. He wiggled some toes and yawned, that's about it. But it was still amazing and now we just can't wait until he comes!

He has his mama's sausage proud.