Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's new

It's pathetic how often I update! I just never have time anymore to upload pictures. Woe is me.

So back up a little bit, I am pregnant! I haven't told blogspot, sorry friends! I am due May 10th and we are ready for it to be here already!

This was me at 15 & 16 weeks I think, I'm bigger now just wait until this weekend! I will be 20 weeks and I'll post pics of the ultrasound! We find out the sex Monday, we cannot WAIT!

Our career choice is poor, but we have fun.

Blaine deep fried our turkey for Thanksgiving, it was very good! Such a manly man.

I will post more next week, Christmas pics and ultrasound! Yay!


Alisha said...

nicole! i have been wanting to see pics of you! look how cute your lil bump is! you look so cute! you better tell me right when you find out what your having! woo woo love you and i miss you!

Becca said...

I love your hair. I want to cut mine now.