Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend

So it was my birthday Saturday! Let's start with Friday...

I try to leave work a little early, so I run to the elevator gleefully. I'm all alone and texting in the elevator when I realize, "hmm...I haven't moved in a couple minutes. Odd." Then I remember that many have been stuck in this elevator before. Not a good track record. I push every button besides the alarm because I don't want to hear the annoying ring. Doesn't work. I try calling my work but I can't remember anyone's extension to save my life, and of course the phones for patients is already turned off. Then! All of the sudden the elevator moves...a whole two inches. Great, I'm in the middle of two floors! Panic sets in. "It's okay, I have my inhaler..." Finally, I push the button for my floor and it opens. And I RUN. Far far away.

Saturday, happy birthday to me! I wake up extra early (I have this sick way of getting up early now a days with no problem) to go to the DMV to get my license renewed. Oooo a big girl license finally! I sit there for 45 minutes and realize, "I don't have my SS card or birth certificate." I was LIVID. I get mad so easily lately too, hormones are great. Anyways, I find my stuff and go back, wait ANOTHER 45 minutes. In the mean time, I missed Graham's first cross country race which I was looking forward to going to.

So I ate at Master Wok for lunch - DELICIOUS. That made me happy once more.

Mom and I went to Santa Calgon Days and I was putting my purse in the trunk. Mom - "Keys! Keys! Keys!" Lo and behold, I locked my keys in the trunk, and I have no spare. So I say "It's okay, I have Progressive!" (*bless them) They say "Hey no problem, we'll come unlock it for no charge. It'll be about 45 minutes." So we have some time to browse. Well I get a phone call and the guy is early! So I RUN to my car, which isn't too close btw, holding my tatas the entire way because it killed! I get there, he unlocks my door and I hear "GET YOUR HANDS UP!" I am parked in front of this house, when next door to me there is a commotion. About 30 feet to my side there is a policeman with what looks like a machine gun and another cop with a hand gun pointing at the house next door! So I immediately duck in front of my car while the guy who got into my car for me tries to get me to sign the paperwork??? Whatever. I called my mom, told her to stay where she was because...well I was in a BAD situation. I can't see the two men they are holding up which makes me more nervous. I still try to get a couple pics on my phone but I kept pushing the wrong button opening my Adobe program. I failed. But they detained the men and I lived.

I was on the left of the policemen.

Went home to watch OU basically give the game away to BYU. Not a fun time at my house.

BUT I did buy this $5 flower candle at HyVee and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! Worth every penny. It blows into a huge sparkling flame and then lights all the petals. It then unfolds and sings Happy Birthday! AMAZING. Please go buy it. It made my day awesome. I will put pictures up later.

The end.