Monday, July 20, 2009

July 4th and then some...

So I'm a little late updating but here ya go.

For July 4th, the wives plus Dallin went to the local parade and it was so fun! Apparently it's tradition for everyone to throw water balloons at people in the parade. A bunch of people behind us came prepared and started launching them, so all the sudden people in the parade brought out these huge water guns! It was madness.

That night we all went to APX dinner at Buca de Beppo's, the boys got off work early! It was exciting! We had a good time. We invited everyone over for treats and fireworks. Brittany helped me make two flag cakes, they were sooo good! (Thanks mom!) My strawberries bled a little bit by the time we ate them but it was pretty before, I swear!

The following Monday, APX held a Dive For Dollars where Jared put like $1000 into the pool in quarters and silver dollars. It was hilarious! Notice Blaine and Dan in the first picture looking at me instead of diving for dollars...

This is the view of Cincinnati from my apartment, it's beautiful!

Last week Dallin and I roadtripped back to Missouri for Wes' farewell. The day after we got there, all us Sims kids drove to Oklahoma so Wes could see our family out there and Pappa. We had a really good time as always! I think the first picture describes us pretty well.

Wes' farewell was really fun and a lot of people came. Including Brianne. On a stick like we promised!