Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're still here in Kentucky! Blaine and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary May 31st! It was on Sunday so it was his day off, BUT...that day his APX group had won a selling match up against St. Louis so they decided to have an Olympics tournament that day for prize money. So I spent the entire day watching Blaine and all the other guys play against each other in Corn Hole, Kickball and Volleyball. THRILLING. But my dear mother ordered us a cake top from a local grocery store and we ate it afterwards. It wasn't a huge romantic day, but I guess that wouldn't really suit us anyways.

Dallin came out to sell last week so we celebrated his 19th birthday here! It was a surprise except he was one of the first ones here...none-the-less, he didn't know about it. I blew up almost 40 balloons by myself, Alisha attempted but after a few she was about to pass out. They were the small ones. I am going to invest in a helium tank. I had some of our friends come over so he could meet a few people.

Nate & Brittney

We have had a lot of fun times out here already, we have made so many new friends and I don't want to leave them! All the salesman go out to dinner as a group with their wives/girlfriends every Saturday night. If they made their goal for the day/week, they get to go to a restaurant. If they didn't make goal, they get pizza or...nothing. So it's a nice little motivator.
Blaine's manager Jared & Karlee

We only have 10 more weeks here and Blaine could still make his goal! He gets better every week and I think he'll do really well this week. Dallin isn't selling anymore but he's going to stay out here and get a job. We'll see what the week brings us!

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Daniel and Meghann! said...

haha are you talking about when i was home over christmas?? yeah, i didn't get to see anyone. it was really depressing...BUT i will be home again this christmas and i promise we'll see each other!

i miss your face :)