Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at me, blogging away for the second time in a week! Is it pathetic? Rhetorical question.

I'm gonna go "xanga" on you. It's one of those days where nothing went right and I reflected a little too much. I had to work a full day today and when I got off at 8:45 PM, my car surprised me with a sweet flat tire. A guy at my work fixed it. An hour later I was driving down the highway which is usually a 20 minute drive, going 45 with my hazards on. I finally got home around 10 PM.

But BESIDES that...I've been reflecting, and have come to this conclusion. I have a handful of good friends, I mean REALLY good friends. The kind you call sobbing uncontrollably at 2 AM and they don't even care. This is not a bad thing, BUT those good friends of course don't really live by me. Not just during the summer, even when I'm in Missouri. They're away at school elsewhere. Since I move around a lot, this really bothers me. Why can't I find really good friends wherever I go? I tend to think I'm a people person but man it's just not that easy! We just never seem to fit in. We're either too immature, too mature, too weird, childless or whatever else some may think we are.

So with the help of Dan and Blaine, I've come to this: I'm boyish. No seriously, EVEN THOUGH pink is my favorite color and I love to bake, I'm still boyish. I have a weird, crude sense of humor, I like to get dirty, I like sports, I have memorized the movie "Goldmember" and I have a dirty mind...sometimes. Is this bad? I don't know, that's for you to decide. But let me tell you, it is SO hard to find a girl who is the same way or even understands it. Where did all the funny people go? Is no one just HILARIOUS anymore? And why can't I find GOOD friends? You tell me.

When you find these hilarious, charming good friends, call me. I'm game.



Daniel and Meghann! said...

Oh Nicole...You've been married one year and you haven't figured out that the whole "friend" thing will never be the same??? C'mon that took me like the first 3 months of being married. I'm convinced that I'll never have as good of friends as I did before I was married. I think those are the breaks...Just know that it's not only you...

Maybe you and Blaine should move to AZ and you can hang out with me and Dan. We have dirty minds :)

Love you girl. Hang in there.

Nicole said...

Well, from your post I think you and I would be really good friends. I hardly have any girl friends because I have a sick sense of humor and find perverted things funny. Good luck finding the friends you deserve. I've lost a lot of friends over the years because we grew apart and moved away. You will find people that just seem easy to be around and you don't find yourself questioning every move or word. Good luck! :-)

Laura said...

Nicole! I am a major tom boy! But, you do live far away and that sucks, cuz if you were in Utah i would play with you everyday!!!!

Mike and Katie said...

How do you get such a cute background? I tried like a year ago and couldn't figure it out so I never finished my blog. haha

Becca said...

Nicole, I'm not all that crazy *usually* (as you know) but I still love you to pieces and my shoulder is here ready for you to cry on whenever you come back to Missouri (as long as you don't mind sharing it with Jamesy snot or baby spit-up. hehe). As for you being childless, you can borrow James and/or Adam for a couple hours whenever you wish. James already thinks Blaine is about as fun as they get. (I love how Blaine makes James laugh). Seriously, the kids would love an outing. And I'll let you hold Adam all through Sacrament meeting if you wish.:) You can hold James too, but he kicks pretty hard.

When you guys come back, forget your parents for a night, come have dinner with us!

(And as for a charming hilarious girl, try hanging out with Rochelle Hoffman. You should see her with a rifle. Her blog url is

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Hey Nicole! I finally visited your blog and love seeing all the picturs of you guys! I hope you are loving Kentucky and Blaine is doing well selling! Keep us updated on your life!

heidi said...

nicole, when you get back let's get together and tell poop jokes. those are my faves.
and yes, shelbie and her friends were from LSHS. please don't tell me you know that FBOGAS!