Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at me, blogging away for the second time in a week! Is it pathetic? Rhetorical question.

I'm gonna go "xanga" on you. It's one of those days where nothing went right and I reflected a little too much. I had to work a full day today and when I got off at 8:45 PM, my car surprised me with a sweet flat tire. A guy at my work fixed it. An hour later I was driving down the highway which is usually a 20 minute drive, going 45 with my hazards on. I finally got home around 10 PM.

But BESIDES that...I've been reflecting, and have come to this conclusion. I have a handful of good friends, I mean REALLY good friends. The kind you call sobbing uncontrollably at 2 AM and they don't even care. This is not a bad thing, BUT those good friends of course don't really live by me. Not just during the summer, even when I'm in Missouri. They're away at school elsewhere. Since I move around a lot, this really bothers me. Why can't I find really good friends wherever I go? I tend to think I'm a people person but man it's just not that easy! We just never seem to fit in. We're either too immature, too mature, too weird, childless or whatever else some may think we are.

So with the help of Dan and Blaine, I've come to this: I'm boyish. No seriously, EVEN THOUGH pink is my favorite color and I love to bake, I'm still boyish. I have a weird, crude sense of humor, I like to get dirty, I like sports, I have memorized the movie "Goldmember" and I have a dirty mind...sometimes. Is this bad? I don't know, that's for you to decide. But let me tell you, it is SO hard to find a girl who is the same way or even understands it. Where did all the funny people go? Is no one just HILARIOUS anymore? And why can't I find GOOD friends? You tell me.

When you find these hilarious, charming good friends, call me. I'm game.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're still here in Kentucky! Blaine and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary May 31st! It was on Sunday so it was his day off, BUT...that day his APX group had won a selling match up against St. Louis so they decided to have an Olympics tournament that day for prize money. So I spent the entire day watching Blaine and all the other guys play against each other in Corn Hole, Kickball and Volleyball. THRILLING. But my dear mother ordered us a cake top from a local grocery store and we ate it afterwards. It wasn't a huge romantic day, but I guess that wouldn't really suit us anyways.

Dallin came out to sell last week so we celebrated his 19th birthday here! It was a surprise except he was one of the first ones here...none-the-less, he didn't know about it. I blew up almost 40 balloons by myself, Alisha attempted but after a few she was about to pass out. They were the small ones. I am going to invest in a helium tank. I had some of our friends come over so he could meet a few people.

Nate & Brittney

We have had a lot of fun times out here already, we have made so many new friends and I don't want to leave them! All the salesman go out to dinner as a group with their wives/girlfriends every Saturday night. If they made their goal for the day/week, they get to go to a restaurant. If they didn't make goal, they get pizza or...nothing. So it's a nice little motivator.
Blaine's manager Jared & Karlee

We only have 10 more weeks here and Blaine could still make his goal! He gets better every week and I think he'll do really well this week. Dallin isn't selling anymore but he's going to stay out here and get a job. We'll see what the week brings us!