Thursday, May 28, 2009

So I am living in Kentucky now! I really like it, it's kinda like a mini vacation for us, being somewhere new for a few months. We've made so many new friends that live in Utah normally which makes it TEN times harder to want to stay in Missouri. I love my family but I also reeeeally like having friends. Sue me.

We live in a complex on top of a really big hill so we overlook the valley. We're also on the top floor so we have nice big valted ceilings and we just stare at the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati! Which means we get to watch all the fireworks at the Reds stadium. It's pretty sweet.

Cincinnati is completely ghetto. I will never go by myself. Alisha and I tried finding a grocery store and we passed up two just because they looked so ghetto and I definitely wasn't getting out. Kentucky has some ghetto too but it's more trashy than anything. There are some nice areas, just seems like Kentucky is super old and most people are stuck in the 90's.

The first day I was here all of the wives and their kids went to Aquarium. It's sooo neat! I've never seen an aquarium that big.

It was hard for me to get into "homemaker" mode even though I like doing it. I get up earlier than he does to make breakfast, we go work out then I come home and shower while he goes to his meeting. When he gets home I'm all dolled up (usually) and lunch is ready! When he gets home Alisha and I have cooked dinner for Dan and Blaine. I have never cleaned the kitchen so much in my entire life! Wait until Dallin gets here. that's 3 hungry boys to feed....

I applied at this huge Gap outlet down the highway, had my interview yesterday and now have orientation today! I can't wait to start working, it's only part time and it'll give me something to do. I've only applied at like...50 different places.

This job is very stressful. It's hard for me to sit at home and wonder if he's selling or how his day is going. He's working really hard and I appreciate that. It's funny, we hadn't paid our tithing in a couple weeks due to moving our records and what not and we just went into a financial slump. So I scrounged the money together and paid it last Sunday hoping things would change. He didn't sell any all week so yesterday I was really stressed and crying like a baby. I prayed that he would sell some. He comes home and tells me he sold two! Then I get a call this morning for a job offer only to find out Wes prayed last night that I would get a job! I will NEVER miss paying my tithing again that's for sure.

We'll keep you updated and as soon as Dee gets here I'll have my camera!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Well here I am jobless on a Monday afternoon blogging away...

Blaine left for Kentucky yesterday :( and I leave Sunday! I can't wait to get out there! Someone needs to make him trophy shaped jello jigglers...

Dallin graduates Thursday and that's what I'm staying for this week. His grad party was a week ago and it was really fun! Brought back old memories, seems like I graduated yesterday! I know I'm sooo old ;).

Hopefully I'll have more time to blog this summer with me not working as much. I'm still looking for a part time job but there's really no luck when you apply online.

I'll keep you updated and add some pictures on here in a few days!