Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ho Hum

We have had this since October?? Yeah well here's what's been going on! We went snowboarding (well Jenny and I went sledding) and it was so fun! We got to spin down the hill, it was intense!

Mom and dad's anniversary was...sometime ago in March! ;) And it was a looovely day.

Blaine's grandma got recognized as being a pillar in the Grain Valley community for her work in ancestry! She should be LDS, she just doesn't realize it yet.

Other than that! We are getting close to moving time! Blaine is selling APX alarm systems in the summer in Cincinnati and we're sooo ready to go. I'm ready to stop working so much, that's for sure!


Lesta said...

Welcome to Blog Land! Cute blog! Loading pics is so much easier on FB, but blogging has more room for journaling.
If you get a fake blog, send me the url so I can subscribe.
Have fun!

Laura said...

Yay! We're blogger buddies!!! :D

Becca said...

Make sure you blog lots while in Cinci. I'm going to miss you guys. Who is going to make such wonderful funny faces for James during sacrament meeting when Blaine is gone? And it is always fun getting mistaken for Blaine's mother. It's every 26-year-old's dream.