Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's new

It's pathetic how often I update! I just never have time anymore to upload pictures. Woe is me.

So back up a little bit, I am pregnant! I haven't told blogspot, sorry friends! I am due May 10th and we are ready for it to be here already!

This was me at 15 & 16 weeks I think, I'm bigger now just wait until this weekend! I will be 20 weeks and I'll post pics of the ultrasound! We find out the sex Monday, we cannot WAIT!

Our career choice is poor, but we have fun.

Blaine deep fried our turkey for Thanksgiving, it was very good! Such a manly man.

I will post more next week, Christmas pics and ultrasound! Yay!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blaine and I took pictures Sunday, it was beautiful outside! Our neighbors have this nice big tree that is so pretty! We also made cherry pie and watched home videos, it was a productive day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Weekend

So it was my birthday Saturday! Let's start with Friday...

I try to leave work a little early, so I run to the elevator gleefully. I'm all alone and texting in the elevator when I realize, "hmm...I haven't moved in a couple minutes. Odd." Then I remember that many have been stuck in this elevator before. Not a good track record. I push every button besides the alarm because I don't want to hear the annoying ring. Doesn't work. I try calling my work but I can't remember anyone's extension to save my life, and of course the phones for patients is already turned off. Then! All of the sudden the elevator moves...a whole two inches. Great, I'm in the middle of two floors! Panic sets in. "It's okay, I have my inhaler..." Finally, I push the button for my floor and it opens. And I RUN. Far far away.

Saturday, happy birthday to me! I wake up extra early (I have this sick way of getting up early now a days with no problem) to go to the DMV to get my license renewed. Oooo a big girl license finally! I sit there for 45 minutes and realize, "I don't have my SS card or birth certificate." I was LIVID. I get mad so easily lately too, hormones are great. Anyways, I find my stuff and go back, wait ANOTHER 45 minutes. In the mean time, I missed Graham's first cross country race which I was looking forward to going to.

So I ate at Master Wok for lunch - DELICIOUS. That made me happy once more.

Mom and I went to Santa Calgon Days and I was putting my purse in the trunk. Mom - "Keys! Keys! Keys!" Lo and behold, I locked my keys in the trunk, and I have no spare. So I say "It's okay, I have Progressive!" (*bless them) They say "Hey no problem, we'll come unlock it for no charge. It'll be about 45 minutes." So we have some time to browse. Well I get a phone call and the guy is early! So I RUN to my car, which isn't too close btw, holding my tatas the entire way because it killed! I get there, he unlocks my door and I hear "GET YOUR HANDS UP!" I am parked in front of this house, when next door to me there is a commotion. About 30 feet to my side there is a policeman with what looks like a machine gun and another cop with a hand gun pointing at the house next door! So I immediately duck in front of my car while the guy who got into my car for me tries to get me to sign the paperwork??? Whatever. I called my mom, told her to stay where she was because...well I was in a BAD situation. I can't see the two men they are holding up which makes me more nervous. I still try to get a couple pics on my phone but I kept pushing the wrong button opening my Adobe program. I failed. But they detained the men and I lived.

I was on the left of the policemen.

Went home to watch OU basically give the game away to BYU. Not a fun time at my house.

BUT I did buy this $5 flower candle at HyVee and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING! Worth every penny. It blows into a huge sparkling flame and then lights all the petals. It then unfolds and sings Happy Birthday! AMAZING. Please go buy it. It made my day awesome. I will put pictures up later.

The end.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 4th and then some...

So I'm a little late updating but here ya go.

For July 4th, the wives plus Dallin went to the local parade and it was so fun! Apparently it's tradition for everyone to throw water balloons at people in the parade. A bunch of people behind us came prepared and started launching them, so all the sudden people in the parade brought out these huge water guns! It was madness.

That night we all went to APX dinner at Buca de Beppo's, the boys got off work early! It was exciting! We had a good time. We invited everyone over for treats and fireworks. Brittany helped me make two flag cakes, they were sooo good! (Thanks mom!) My strawberries bled a little bit by the time we ate them but it was pretty before, I swear!

The following Monday, APX held a Dive For Dollars where Jared put like $1000 into the pool in quarters and silver dollars. It was hilarious! Notice Blaine and Dan in the first picture looking at me instead of diving for dollars...

This is the view of Cincinnati from my apartment, it's beautiful!

Last week Dallin and I roadtripped back to Missouri for Wes' farewell. The day after we got there, all us Sims kids drove to Oklahoma so Wes could see our family out there and Pappa. We had a really good time as always! I think the first picture describes us pretty well.

Wes' farewell was really fun and a lot of people came. Including Brianne. On a stick like we promised!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at me, blogging away for the second time in a week! Is it pathetic? Rhetorical question.

I'm gonna go "xanga" on you. It's one of those days where nothing went right and I reflected a little too much. I had to work a full day today and when I got off at 8:45 PM, my car surprised me with a sweet flat tire. A guy at my work fixed it. An hour later I was driving down the highway which is usually a 20 minute drive, going 45 with my hazards on. I finally got home around 10 PM.

But BESIDES that...I've been reflecting, and have come to this conclusion. I have a handful of good friends, I mean REALLY good friends. The kind you call sobbing uncontrollably at 2 AM and they don't even care. This is not a bad thing, BUT those good friends of course don't really live by me. Not just during the summer, even when I'm in Missouri. They're away at school elsewhere. Since I move around a lot, this really bothers me. Why can't I find really good friends wherever I go? I tend to think I'm a people person but man it's just not that easy! We just never seem to fit in. We're either too immature, too mature, too weird, childless or whatever else some may think we are.

So with the help of Dan and Blaine, I've come to this: I'm boyish. No seriously, EVEN THOUGH pink is my favorite color and I love to bake, I'm still boyish. I have a weird, crude sense of humor, I like to get dirty, I like sports, I have memorized the movie "Goldmember" and I have a dirty mind...sometimes. Is this bad? I don't know, that's for you to decide. But let me tell you, it is SO hard to find a girl who is the same way or even understands it. Where did all the funny people go? Is no one just HILARIOUS anymore? And why can't I find GOOD friends? You tell me.

When you find these hilarious, charming good friends, call me. I'm game.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're still here in Kentucky! Blaine and I celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary May 31st! It was on Sunday so it was his day off, BUT...that day his APX group had won a selling match up against St. Louis so they decided to have an Olympics tournament that day for prize money. So I spent the entire day watching Blaine and all the other guys play against each other in Corn Hole, Kickball and Volleyball. THRILLING. But my dear mother ordered us a cake top from a local grocery store and we ate it afterwards. It wasn't a huge romantic day, but I guess that wouldn't really suit us anyways.

Dallin came out to sell last week so we celebrated his 19th birthday here! It was a surprise except he was one of the first ones here...none-the-less, he didn't know about it. I blew up almost 40 balloons by myself, Alisha attempted but after a few she was about to pass out. They were the small ones. I am going to invest in a helium tank. I had some of our friends come over so he could meet a few people.

Nate & Brittney

We have had a lot of fun times out here already, we have made so many new friends and I don't want to leave them! All the salesman go out to dinner as a group with their wives/girlfriends every Saturday night. If they made their goal for the day/week, they get to go to a restaurant. If they didn't make goal, they get pizza or...nothing. So it's a nice little motivator.
Blaine's manager Jared & Karlee

We only have 10 more weeks here and Blaine could still make his goal! He gets better every week and I think he'll do really well this week. Dallin isn't selling anymore but he's going to stay out here and get a job. We'll see what the week brings us!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

So I am living in Kentucky now! I really like it, it's kinda like a mini vacation for us, being somewhere new for a few months. We've made so many new friends that live in Utah normally which makes it TEN times harder to want to stay in Missouri. I love my family but I also reeeeally like having friends. Sue me.

We live in a complex on top of a really big hill so we overlook the valley. We're also on the top floor so we have nice big valted ceilings and we just stare at the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati! Which means we get to watch all the fireworks at the Reds stadium. It's pretty sweet.

Cincinnati is completely ghetto. I will never go by myself. Alisha and I tried finding a grocery store and we passed up two just because they looked so ghetto and I definitely wasn't getting out. Kentucky has some ghetto too but it's more trashy than anything. There are some nice areas, just seems like Kentucky is super old and most people are stuck in the 90's.

The first day I was here all of the wives and their kids went to Aquarium. It's sooo neat! I've never seen an aquarium that big.

It was hard for me to get into "homemaker" mode even though I like doing it. I get up earlier than he does to make breakfast, we go work out then I come home and shower while he goes to his meeting. When he gets home I'm all dolled up (usually) and lunch is ready! When he gets home Alisha and I have cooked dinner for Dan and Blaine. I have never cleaned the kitchen so much in my entire life! Wait until Dallin gets here. that's 3 hungry boys to feed....

I applied at this huge Gap outlet down the highway, had my interview yesterday and now have orientation today! I can't wait to start working, it's only part time and it'll give me something to do. I've only applied at like...50 different places.

This job is very stressful. It's hard for me to sit at home and wonder if he's selling or how his day is going. He's working really hard and I appreciate that. It's funny, we hadn't paid our tithing in a couple weeks due to moving our records and what not and we just went into a financial slump. So I scrounged the money together and paid it last Sunday hoping things would change. He didn't sell any all week so yesterday I was really stressed and crying like a baby. I prayed that he would sell some. He comes home and tells me he sold two! Then I get a call this morning for a job offer only to find out Wes prayed last night that I would get a job! I will NEVER miss paying my tithing again that's for sure.

We'll keep you updated and as soon as Dee gets here I'll have my camera!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Well here I am jobless on a Monday afternoon blogging away...

Blaine left for Kentucky yesterday :( and I leave Sunday! I can't wait to get out there! Someone needs to make him trophy shaped jello jigglers...

Dallin graduates Thursday and that's what I'm staying for this week. His grad party was a week ago and it was really fun! Brought back old memories, seems like I graduated yesterday! I know I'm sooo old ;).

Hopefully I'll have more time to blog this summer with me not working as much. I'm still looking for a part time job but there's really no luck when you apply online.

I'll keep you updated and add some pictures on here in a few days!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ho Hum

We have had this since October?? Yeah well here's what's been going on! We went snowboarding (well Jenny and I went sledding) and it was so fun! We got to spin down the hill, it was intense!

Mom and dad's anniversary was...sometime ago in March! ;) And it was a looovely day.

Blaine's grandma got recognized as being a pillar in the Grain Valley community for her work in ancestry! She should be LDS, she just doesn't realize it yet.

Other than that! We are getting close to moving time! Blaine is selling APX alarm systems in the summer in Cincinnati and we're sooo ready to go. I'm ready to stop working so much, that's for sure!